Massage of San Jose provides a combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques.  Primarily influenced by Thai style stretching and trigger point massage, and Swedish style kneeding and rubbing massage, your massage will be customized to your preference of pressure, and technique.

Our certified staff provide a massage in a peaceful environment with modern decor.  Conversation can be as much or as little as you like, offering you a chance to vent about your day, or enjoy the soft music and let your mind wander as you receive your massage.

We have a shower onsite, so if you are coming from the gym and need to clean up before your massage, or if you are going to a function after that you need to clean up for, we can accommodate you.  We use only the finest unscented lotions, which are both good for your skin, and provide an ideal amount of friction for massage.  You will feel, clean, soft to the touch, and fresh, with out any perfumed smell, or greasy feel.

Massage is offered in compliance with all State and Local health codes, and you will be draped at all times.

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