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June has been a CMT for nearly 5 years.  June combines Thai and Swedish massage styles creating a massage that is both relaxing now, and later.  Thai massage uses stretching and pressure points to relieve muscle tension.  The benefits of Thai massage can be felt for days, as you will have greater flexibility, and fewer sore muscles.  This is similar to a pure acupressure treatment, but uses more yoga like movements to get better results than acupressure or reflexology would alone.

Swedish massage that uses kneading and rubbing is relaxing “now”, it improves circulation, and eases tight muscles, but the effect doesn’t have the longevity of a Thai massage.  As a result the combination of the two is both relaxing and offers long term benefits.  For your first session generally more emphasis will be put on Thai style massage and as your body gains flexibility and has less problem areas more Swedish massage will be added to your treatment.

June will customize your massage to your needs and preferences based on your current level of soreness, the types of activities you do, and the frequency of your massage regimen.


As with all of our employees, June is Certified, and offers only therapeutic services.  June works at both the Silicon Valley and Hollywood locations.

Massages are performed draped on a Massage Table.  June proudly uses only Vegan unscented lotions.

Incall Rates:
60 Minutes – $125 | 90 Minutes – $165

Outcall Rates: (with in 5 miles, longer distances additional)
90 Minutes – $280

To Schedule an appointment call:

(602) 688-2255 / (602) Out-Call

90 Minute sessions are recommended for first time visitors, as your body becomes free of problem areas reducing your visit to one hour is often sufficient for individuals who aren’t in a competitive sport, or don’t work in a labor intensive job.

Our Studio/Offices are always decorated with rich modern décor, our linens are laundered in a hypoallergenic manner, and the air is purified with electrostatic ionizers to create an allergy and germ free environment. Pictures of both locations coming soon.

If you schedule with June we will not substitute another masseuse with out calling to notify you first.

If you prefer a masseur, please let us know at scheduling.

Pictures Of The San Jose Location

When you enter our San Jose Location our recently remodeled studio is warm and inviting with modern décor.  We chose a crisp clean color palette that we though would appeal to a wide range of client’s.  Our male clients said they wanted a place that looked professional and had a masculine color scheme, and our female clients said they wanted soft lights and organic colors and décor.

We feel we captured both of their requests nicely with our soft grey walls, clean white partitions, comfortable chocolate seating, rich dark wood furniture, and frosted glass door cabinetry.

image image
image image

Massage In San Jose

Our newest location just opened in San Jose, CA.  We have enjoyed serving the Los Angeles market, but the appeal of Silicon Valley has brought us North.

We have a temporary location 2 Miles from Santana Row, and are working hard to secure a location nearer Valley Fare shopping mall.

Massage of San Jose looks forward to working with you.  Check our “About” page for a description of our services.  We apologize that our web site still being under construction. Check back soon for more information.